Turn leads into cash

With Property365 CRM, you and your sales team will be empowered to capitalise on every single opportunity and lead it down the path of conversion.
Project e-Gallery
Sales teams and appointed real estate agencies can view and download important information to better serve potential purchasers.
Real-time unit booking
Book units online for your purchasers and if there is more than one interested purchaser for the same unit, a wait-list system will take care of that.
Sales management
Leverage on an extended sales force of thousands of real estate agents in the Property365 agent e-marketplace to sell your project.
Leads management
Manage leads and track conversion rates of your sales team, and monitor sales performance for all projects.
Loan management
Panel bankers can log in to manage and monitor purchasers’ loan applications.
SPA management
Collaborate with solicitors throughout the SPA process.
  • One Dashboard
  • Mobility Capabilities
  • Digital Document Management
  • Cloud Solution

What is the Property365 Suite?

It encompasses three modules to address property developers’ back-office and CRM requirements.

CRM  +  Sales Administration  +  Business Intelligence

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